…And we find it again

And it is beautiful each time. The lift and the fall. It’s all poetry. And when we click, and when we snap. And the richness beneath the superficial lust and desire. That bedrock of openness that can only be called spiritual. How when we go deep enough we rediscover our true self within another. And how we confuse them for a key, instead of a mirror.

The Real Wall Street

I can’t believe it took me this long, as it is so simple, but I have discovered humanity’s ultimate currency.

More powerful than sex, drugs, rock and roll. Way more powerful than money or chattels. Stronger than “love”. Men and women will go screaming into the grave for it. Commit or receive atrocities for it. It is the cornerstone of governmental and especially religious power. It creates and destroys families, builds empires and rots them from within. It is the ultimate aphrodisiac.


It occurs to me that there is only one defence: find God within.

Do you have any fucking idea what a person could do with this knowledge and decent oratorical skills?